Robin Bouwhuis
“This is the best guide I have used for lightroom, and I am able to find all the lessons useful. You have increased my productivity 100 fold in post processing.”
Brian Perry
“I am new to the software and needed to get up-to-speed quickly. I got Doug’s tutorial yesterday and spent several hours watching last night. WOW! It just saved me weeks of reading books and countless hours of trial and error. Doug’s tutorial videos are professionally produced, clear and easy to understand and I really appreciate his personal recommendations based on how he actually uses the software”.
Chris Crumley
“I teach Lightroom workshops in the East and arm myself with the best research material available; two books and Doug and Lorenza Sloss’ LR3 DVD and now LR4. The card with the 61 numbered sessions and the opening page of the program guides me right to an area to be reviewed or learned. The card makes a handy checklist for sessions completed.
The USB drive on a lanyard is the most convenient traveling tutorial and reference tool possible. It’s totally laptop accessible on long flights, a liveaboard salon after dinner and about anywhere there is a Mac or PC computer and few minutes to view a session. Doug’s narrative and on-screen progress provides easy-to-grasp tutorials of LR4’s powerful features. And, even though the program is called “Underwater Lightroom”, it’s valuable to a photographer regardless of specialty”.
Chris Crumley, Team Nauticam http://chriscrumley.com
Hugh Ross
“As a long time user of Aperture and iPhoto I was skeptical about transitioning to Lightroom 4. Two photo pros recommended Lightroom and both advised me to use Doug’s tutorials. I am glad I followed their advice. The tutorial videos made the transition a breeze. They are complete and easy to understand. Far and away the best instructional material that I have seen. I give Doug Sloss my highest recommendation”.
Hugh Ross
Sam Cahir Sam Cahir
“Quite frankly, the tutorials by Doug and Lorenza Sloss are absolutely invaluable to all underwater photographers. These tools not only improve the speed and efficiency of your workflow, but they are so well explained and demonstrated they can quite seriously help the amateur (and professional) photographers turn throwaways into award winners. I can’t speak highly enough about these products and I encourage everyone who enjoys photographing the underwater world to do yourself a favour and get a copy.”
Sam Cahir, Predapix Shark Photography & Rodney Fox Shark Expeditions – Australia
Alert Diver as seen in
ALERT DIVER MAGAZINE Winter 2012 by Stephen Frink
“For photographers who would rather spend more time taking pictures and less time struggling with tedious image-processing software, Adobe Lightroom has been nothing short of a workflow miracle.
Elegantly showcasing Lightroom’s power and the subtle enhancements it offers, the DVD Lightroom 3 for the Underwater Photographer by Doug and Lorenza Sloss is a must-have resource. The Sloss’ insights will help you better manage your archive, master Lightroom’s many assets and enhance your efficiency and creative control. The DVD is organized into 10 hours of video tutorials grouped by six major themes (Catalog, Library, Develop, Export, Photoshop/Photomatix Integration and Slideshow/Print/Web), so you can learn precisely what you want to know at your own pace, according to your own priorities. Lightroom 3 for the Underwater Photographer is beautifully produced and illustrated with brilliant underwater images.” – Stephen Frink www.alertdiver.com
Theresa Cloake Theresa Cloake
I wasn’t finding Lightroom as intuitive to use as Photoshop, in fact I had been struggling with it for so long that my files were in an utter mess, and I was on the verge of totally giving up with it and going back to software I was more comfortable with, when along came Doug’s DVD. Now, for the first time my files are not only organised but I also understand the principles of LR’s filing system. I have also greatly expanded on my basic self taught knowledge of LR’s editing features. Doug teaches in a very easy to understand manner, making something that seemed so complicated easy. It is not extreme for me to say this… ”because of Doug I am loving LR” this DVD is worth every penny. – Theresa Cloake – www.pbase.com/tez291
Paul Chase Paul Chase
Love the video, so very informative and detailed. I have taken a couple online courses and they have helped but your explanations of the different steps and live hands on show how to do it has filled in the blanks that the other courses didn’t. Very well done.
I am about half way through my Lightroom Tutorials and I like it so much I just ordered the CS4 Tutorial. FANTASTIC!!!! – Paul Chase
Patricia Jordan Patricia (PJ) Jordan
As a former film photographer, making the transition to digital photography and its various applicable software programs has not always been an easy road for me to travel. I have tried may different methods of learning from reading books to trying online instruction, and I have found that Lightroom 3 for the Underwater Photographer is, indeed, the perfect companion. The instructions are clear and concise and take you from the importing process to final output in an extremely effective and easy-to-understand manner. Doug’s Lightroom 3 is superb and has been an invaluable tool on my digital journey. – PJ – www.pjdives.com